NBA Free Premium Play 02/13

NBA Free Premium Pick: 503 Atlanta Hawks @ 504 Milwaukee Bucks
Rating: 4 units - Regular Play
Pick: Atlanta Hawks (+7.5) (Play up to +7)

Odds: -110 / 1.91 on Pinnacle Sports OR -110 / 1.91 on Bookmaker


In theory, Atlanta's defense won't be an easy opponent for Milwaukee's offense as their defense packs the paint which allows them to have great interior defense numbers. Besides that, the Hawks are also a top 10 transition defense team. These are exactly the main strengths of Milwaukee's offense. So, in order for Milwaukee to crush Atlanta, they would have to show great floor spacing via 3pts shooting where Atlanta's defense struggles or via a huge volume and efficiency on pick n roll ball handler plays. However, Milwaukee shot 6-29, 7-24, 8-19, 8-26, 6-20 and 9-25 3pts (a combined of 44-143 30.7% 3pts) on their last six games, so don't count on that. The lack of skilled guards who can come off the bench for the Bucks is another relief for Atlanta's defense. The Hawks with Dedmon and Ilyasova as an unit are a lot more competent on offense than Plumlee and Ilyasova, so I expect Atlanta to make some damage on the perimeter and stay competitive tonight. I'm taking the Hawks in here.

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