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  • Date Saturday, 04 April 2015
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    Orlando gave it all to get the win at Minnesota last night, with four players being used for almost 40 minutes. The Magic is similar to Boston (Milwaukee's opponent last night) in the sense that their game is based on their backcourt players. The problem is that when the backcourt players are tired like right now, the Magic become turnover prone. 
    Therefore, the Bucks will do to Orlando in here what they did to Boston last night: force turnovers and use their size edge to bully both Oladipo and Payton. Vucevic had a huge night against Minnesota's horrible interior defense, but he will now face one of the best interior defenses in the league. With Mayo and Dudley back, Milwaukee's second unit is now back at a good level and with that, I expect them to get an easy double digits home win against Orlando tonight.


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  • Date Saturday, 21 February 2015
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    Miami is coming from a game against the Knicks where they showed some good ball movement as usual, but with some nice outside shooting as well. Now with Wade and Dragic in the backcourt, the Heat should be able to torch the Pelicans' perimeter defense that isn't good at all. The problem for Miami tonight is that they will struggle on their interior defense, as they have been allowing almost 70% FG at the rim on their last five games.
    The Pelicans lost at Orlando last night, in a game where they shot 18-25 FG at the rim, but decided to shoot a lot from the perimeter, where they missed a lot as usual with 24 misses on 36 uncontested looks. Their game against the Magic was played in a really slow tempo, as that seems to be Orlando's new attitude with Borrego coaching the team. Now onto tonight's game, I expect the Pelicans to play a bit more uptempo and with a lot more aggression near the basket on offense.
    Therefore, I expect this game to be a relatively fast paced game, especially now that Miami will now have Dragic at the PG position. With the Heat using their ball movement to do well on offense and the Pelicans using their edge down low to do the same, I expect a high scoring game in here and so, I'll be taking the Over.

NBA Free Premium Play 02/08

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  • Date Sunday, 08 February 2015
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    Orlando finally won a game last Friday at home against the Lakers. Their mindset with the new coach is definitely a much slower pace and a lot more focus on defense. They were coming from 14 games in a row allowing over 100 points, but on their last game, even with the game going to overtime, they only allowed 97 points. With such focus on defense and with a lot more halfcourt sets, they struggled on offense.
    Chicago is coming from an easy win at New Orleans last night, on a good spot for them that they used to bounce back on defense. This is a revenge game for the Bulls, as they lost at home against Orlando by 114-121! This was when Orlando was a fast paced team, but now on a much slower pace, I expect Chicago's defense to severely limit their offense. Therefore, I expect a low scoring game today and so, I'll be taking the Under in here.


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  • Date Friday, 06 February 2015
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    Brooklyn's offense has massively improved lately and that has allowed the Nets to start being more competitive as well. They are coming from a great 109-93 win at Toronto, where their offense looked impressive from everywhere. With Deron back and coming off the bench, the Nets have a nice balance on offense, with good ball movement as well. Their perimeter shooting has also improved and they looked really well, especially in comparison to how much they struggled on offense early in the season.
    Now against the poor Knicks defense, Brooklyn should have a field day on offense. On the other side, the Knicks' offense is also looking improved, with Galloway and Calderon helping Melo a lot in the offensive tasks of the team. With all of this combined, I see this game being actually a high scoring game and so, I'll be taking the Over in here.

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  • Date Wednesday, 21 January 2015
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    The Knicks with their new experiments are now a slightly better team. This was why they were able to finally win a game against the Pelicans. With Amundson, Thomas, Wear and Galloway now getting some minutes, together with Melo and Amare, the Knicks are now a bit better, also thanks to their new very slow pace attitude.
    This slow paced style should make the Sixers struggle a lot today, as their offence almost exclusively depends from their transition game. The "new" Knicks are now also more aggressive and with the help of Melo and Amare, I believe the NY team should get the upper hand of a Sixers team whose offence will heavily struggle in here in a slow paced game. I'm taking the Knicks tonight.

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  • Date Wednesday, 07 January 2015
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    This is a back to back spot for Detroit, however they have been using the bench very well, with Kendall-Pope and Drummond being the only players who were on court for over 30 minutes at San Antonio last night. It's also important to note that this isn't also a good spot for Dallas, as they are returning home after a 3-games road trip, having played an overtime game at Brooklyn last Monday. 
    Dallas is just #29 in the league on defensive rebounding, therefore Detroit will have a huge rebounding edge in here, especially via Drummond, who leads the league in offensive rebounding. Wright used to help the Mavs a lot on the frontcourt, but with him now in Boston, I expect the Pistons to use their size edge to explore Dallas's lack of depth on their frontcourt. 
    The Pistons are currently with some great momentum. Their recipe for winning their first five games of this winning streak had been three point shooting and inside domination, however last night at San Antonio, Detroit struggled with 3-19 3pts, but they compensated that with a huge performance in the paint with 58 points scored! The Pistons are showing some great heart lately and so, I believe the current line is too high given their current form. I'm taking Detroit in here.

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  • Date Friday, 02 January 2015
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    Even without Lebron, I think Cleveland will have more than enough talent to beat a Hornets team that also suffered a huge blow lately, with Al Jefferson's injury. Without Big Al on the court, Charlotte has no inside presence on the offensive end and they will need to settle for jumpers and drives to the basket. With Marion back, Cleveland's perimeter defense should be able to handle Charlotte's offense rather well, especially because the Hornets have been struggling a lot on outside shooting as of late.
    On the other hand, Cleveland will have Love back for tonight's game. Therefore, I believe that Cleveland with Love and Irving in the lineup, the Cavaliers will have too much offense for a Hornets team that has begun to struggle once again, especially now that Jefferson is out with an injury. This might be a close game, but down the stretch I trust a lot more on Irving than on Charlotte's offense that normally settles for poor jump shooters in the key moments of the game. Therefore, I'll be taking the Cavs in here.

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  • Date Monday, 22 December 2014
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    Charlotte has won their last two games against Utah and Philadelphia, in two games where it was clear that their defense is starting to improve. Even though the opponents weren't very strong, the truth is that with Stephenson out with injury and Kidd-Gilchrist back from injury, the Hornets' defense is now back at good form. It might be truth that the Hornets' interior defense doesn't have a great opponent FG% at the rim, but they are the team who allows the least amount of shots from their opponents at the rim. For example, Utah scored 30 points in the paint, while shooting 13-17 FG at the rim.
    Of course this causes problems to their perimeter defense, but this won't be a big problem against a Denver team, whose perimeter shooting is very poor, especially with Gallinari once again out. Denver will possibly have a big issue for tonight's game and that's the possibility of their PG Lawson being out. However, even if he plays, the fact that he needs to carry his team's offense almost on his own is causing his back to hurt again and with that, Denver's offense is struggling big time. On the other side, Charlotte's offense should score a number of enough points to win tonight, especially via Jefferson's post ups and Kemba's drives into the basket. Therefore, I'll be taking the Hornets tonight.

NBA Free Premium Play 12/20

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  • Date Saturday, 20 December 2014
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    Charlotte is coming from an easy win on the road last night at Philadelphia. The Sixers decided to close the paint in the start of the game and let the Hornets shoot from the outside, which they did successfully with 7-12 3pts in the first half. Then, Philadelphia played their usual defense in the second half and while they made the Hornets' outside shooting struggle, Al Jefferson had an easy match up and took advantage of that with 7-14 FG!
    A few weeks ago, Utah would have been a good match up for Charlotte, as the Jazz's rim defense used to be terrible. However, with Gobert gaining more minutes on court, the Jazz are now defending much better near the basket by allowing just 9-17 FG and 13-26 FG at the rim on their last two games. Therefore, I expect Utah to handle Jefferson well and this is immediately something that will make Charlotte struggle big time, as the Hornets' perimeter shooting isn't normally good. On the other hand, Utah has been playing well on offense lately thanks to their good frontcourt and Hayward being able in very good form. I don't see why Utah being the inferior team in here and so, I'll take the Jazz in here.
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