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  • Date Sunday, 23 November 2014
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    I expect the Hornets to be extremely competitive against the Heat today. Miami took advantage of Orlando’s bad spot – b2b game without key player Tobias Harris, and won the game behind the strong play of Chris Bosh down the stretch. However, there were some bad signs in that game that could work against them today: Nikola Vucevic completely dominated down low w/ 12-24 FG for 33 points & 17 rebounds as the Magic scored 52 points in the paint! Well, Al Jefferson plays for the Hornets…

    While Miami has some key edges from the perimeter, I expect the Hornets to dominate the paint & rebounds in here. 

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  • Date Saturday, 22 November 2014
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    Philadelphia had a good spot to have a nice offensive game last night against Phoenix and they still struggled anyway. Scoring 96 points in a run and gun game whose winner had been decided very early in the game isn't a good sign at all! The Sixers actually explored well Phoenix's poor inside defense with 52 points in the paint, but their outside shooting was terrible with 4-23 3pts!
    Unlike the Suns, the Knicks won't set a run and gun style tonight at all. They'll want to play half court sets and so, Philadelphia's offense will struggle even more due to lack of talent. It's also important to note that the Knicks' rim defense has been surprisingly good this season and so, this is another problem for the Sixers' offense tonight. On the other side, Philadelphia's defense got massively exposed by Phoenix's quick guards, but that won't happen in here, as the Knicks' guards aren't quick at all, especially with Calderon back. This game should be a relatively low scoring game and so, I'll take the Under in here.

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  • Date Friday, 21 November 2014
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    Charlotte is coming from three straight subpar performances. First, then played at Golden State on their final game of the road trip, then they were on a super bad spot at home with just 1 day off to rest from the road trip against Dallas and finally, they had another bad game at Indiana. The reason for their struggles was their 30, 24 and 32 points in the paint! However, this was justified by the elite rim defenses that these teams have. Orlando's rim defense is just #17 in the league and so, they should allow the Hornets to score more points near the basket tonight.
    Another good news for the Hornets tonight is that Neal will be back and this will give them a well needed option on outside shooting as well. This is a good spot for Charlotte's offense and I expect to have a nice bounce back tonight. On the other hand, Orlando keeps having nice offensive numbers, but they dearly missed Fournier on their last game against the Clippers. Their offense missed Fournier's outside shots and the team ended with just 8-24 3pts. With him back now, I believe Orlando will go back to their good offensive performances in here. I expect a relatively high scoring game tonight and so, I'll take the Over in here.

NBA Free Premium Play 11/19

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  • Date Wednesday, 19 November 2014
  • Write up
    This is obviously a great match up between two of the teams that are supposed to be title contenders. However, San Antonio is clearly closer to the level of contenders than Cleveland is right now. The Cavaliers' offense has been quite good at times, but San Antonio's defense is already playing at a very high level at the moment and they will be able to limit Cleveland's offense a lot tonight.
    On the other hand, San Antonio's offense has been disappointing on this early season, especially because their perimeter shots aren't going in. They are creating their usually good looks on the perimeter, but for some reason the balls aren't going in. However, we're sure that they will start going in and that very well may happen tonight, as Cleveland's defense has been lacking organization on the perimeter this season.
    With the Spurs' defense being able to limit Cleveland's offense a lot, especially with Leonard once again guarding Lebron, I believe San Antonio will generate good offense against the Cavs' average defense, giving them the win in here. Therefore, I'll be taking San Antonio tonight.

NBA Free Premium Play 11/18

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  • Date Tuesday, 18 November 2014
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    The Lakers have in this match up some key factors that will be favorable to them and that will turn the team into a more competitive team than usual in here. First of all, Carroll will still be out for tonight's game and he's Atlanta's best wing defender, so Kobe will have an easier than expected match up in here. The Lakers' offense had problems against Golden State's aggressive defense, but Atlanta's defense is far from being as aggressive as the Warriors.
    I also predict the Lakers to have a great edge on rebounding tonight, as Atlanta is just #19 on defensive rebounding in the league, while the Lakers are #4 in the league on offensive rebounding. Atlanta's offense will obviously generate some points against the Lakers' poor defense, but with Kobe, Young coming off the bench and a rebounding edge, I expect the LA team to actually turn this game into a competitive one. Therefore, I'll take the Lakers in here.

NBA Free Premium Play 11/17

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  • Date Monday, 17 November 2014
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    Detroit has been playing reasonably well, especially for a team that is 3-7 at the moment. They'll be facing an Orlando team that has also been playing well lately, but who will have a tough match up tonight. Thanks to their improved rim defense, the Pistons will cause problems to Orlando's frontcourt on this match up. Of course Orlando will still hit a few treys especially via the red hot Fournier, but that won't be enough given the great match up that Detroit's offense will have in here.
    This match up will definitely help Detroit in having a great offensive night. The match up between Monroe and Frye obviously favors the Pistons' PF, with the rest of the frontcourt also having good match ups to score rather easily at the rim tonight. Detroit's pick and roll game should also have a decent game tonight, so I believe this game should turn out to be a comfortable win for Detroit. Therefore, I'll be taking the Pistons in here.

NBA Free Premium Play 11/15

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  • Date Saturday, 15 November 2014
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    Orlando is playing with a lot of confidence and they will certainly use a fast pace in here to force Washington to play fast as well. Given that the spot for the Wizards in here is a lot better than the spot for Orlando, I believe Washington will be glad to play fast with the Magic tonight.
    Obviously Washington's frontcourt with Gortat and Nene will have a huge edge down low against Orlando. If Milwaukee had it last night, then Washington will definitely have it as well. Therefore, the question in here is to know if Washington's perimeter will be more competent than Milwaukee was yesterday and considering how horrible the Bucks were on 3pts shooting yesterday (2-19), it's clear to me that the Wizards will be at least a bit better on this department than the Bucks were last night. Besides that, no way Oladipo on a back to back spot can shut down Wall like he did it to Wright in last night's second half.
    On the other side, Orlando's offense is playing very well thanks to their outside shooting, with Fournier being completely on fire at the moment. This allows Vucevic to have more space on the inside, which also helps the team's offense overall. Therefore, I see this game being a high scoring one and so, I'll take the Over in here.

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  • Date Thursday, 13 November 2014
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    Both teams like to attack the rim, however Milwaukee is clearly the superior defensive team in here. The Bucks are a top 3 team on rim defense thanks to Sanders, while Orlando's interior defense is subpar. I must say that Orlando's perimeter shooting has been good lately, with four games in a row with nice 3pts shooting numbers. However, they lack the personnel to keep doing this night after night.
    Milwaukee is coming from a good home win over the Thunder, where they outscored them in the paint by 50-28. I believe that they will keep pounding the Magic down low tonight, with the occasional good outside shooting of O.J. Mayo, while Milwaukee should also have the edge in the second unit, as Oladipo will be back, but without any rhythm on his game, the turnovers will inevitably appear on his and his team's game. I see this game being a pure 50/50 one and so, I'll take the Bucks in here.

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  • Date Wednesday, 12 November 2014
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    Washington is a team that doesn't shoot a lot near the basket, as they love to take mid-range shots. This will take Detroit's defense out of its comfort zone, as they use a very big frontcourt that prefers to play nearer the basket.
    On the other side, Washington's rebounding has been subpar and their interior defense isn't also good at all. This immediately benefits Detroit's offense that loves to pound their opponents on the down low. However, the Pistons' perimeter shooting is also improving a bit, with 11-23, 11-23, 6-23 and 7-14 3pts on their last four games. I see this game being a high scoring game and so, I'll take the Over in here.

NBA Free Premium Play 11/11

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  • Date Tuesday, 11 November 2014
  • Write up
    We have Orlando in here with a decent offense thanks to attack the rim, but now with some decent perimeter game as well thanks to Frye and Fournier. They will now face a Toronto defense that hasn't been great on rim defense so far in the season and that is on an "easy" spot in here, after a great game against the lowly Sixers via offense.
    In the first game between these two teams this season, Orlando almost shot 70% FG at the rim and scored 46 points in the paint. The Magic's defense has been poor this season, mostly due to the absence of Oladipo in the perimeter. Toronto in that game struggled on their outside shooting with 4-21 3pts, but they managed to get good offensive numbers via offensive rebounds and free throws. However, the Raptors have now a lot more offensive rhythm and they shot 23-55 (41%) 3pts on their last three games. I believe this game will be a high scoring affair and so, I'll take the Over in here.
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