NBA First Half Season Package

I'm a high volume handicapper and I carefully study all games no matter what, so if I see value in every game of a card, then we will have plays in every game. I refuse to discard valuable plays only due to having a high volume of plays on a certain day. I've been highly successful on the NBA with this approach and so, there is no reason to change it. 

I also advise you to religiously follow a money management strategy. Don't freak out after a bad run! I'll have unbelievable runs throughout the season where I'll sweep the card, but eventually during the season I'll also have some cold streaks. A NBA season is very long, it's a marathon, not a sprint and what it really matters is the final result. 

As a general rule, the plays will be sent earlier than in the past. The final update will be released at around 5/6PM EST, unless there are key players questionable in a game that I have a strong interest in. I will also warn you in advance (5/15 minutes) when plays will be released, so you are ready to bet when they get sent. 


If you are interested in joining me into another super profitable NBA season, please reply to this email, so I can show you the methods of purchase you can use to buy this season's NBA package. For any comment or suggestion, feel free to send me an email to  
All the best,
André Gomes
Duration: 5 months
Price: $549.00

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