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2017-18 Announcement:

 The NBA season is going to start earlier than usual this season (October 17) and with this schedule change, the regular season will have more days. Because of this, the number of games per day will be lower than in the past, something that will help me a lot as most of my daily work is based on match up research.  

I'm going to introduce some changes for the upcoming season. There will be changes on the money management system. I used to have three different levels of plays, but after some careful analysis, I've decided to change that for the upcoming season. I'll only have two levels of plays from now on: 4 units for regular plays and 5 units for top plays.
The other change is that the season package won't include the playoffs because it's unlikely that I'll work on the playoffs games from now on. The good news is that the write ups will be back after popular request. I'm not going to be able to make write ups for all plays, but I'll make write ups for some of my plays. 

All Different Packages are available now! (CLICK HERE) 

I'm open to suggestions and overall feedback 

Please stay tuned especially on my twitter @gomescapper for news about the release of content!

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