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With this package, you will get all the NBA Plays during the Season!




With this package, you will get all André Gomes’ plays during one year (NBA, CBB, CFB, NFL & MLB in the summer)!


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NBA 11/11 Free Play

NBA FREE Pick: 569 Detroit Pistons @ 570 New York KnicksRating: 2 Units - Regular PlayPick: Under 225Price: -110 / 1.91 on BookmakerWrite Up:DET offense has been a subpar unit so far this season, but today they have a particularly bad matchup against the Knicks...

NBA 11/01 Free Play

NBA Free Pick: 569 Orlando Magic @ 570 Oklahoma City ThunderRating: 2 Units - Regular PlayPick: Under 215.5Price: -110 / 1.91 on BookmakerWrite Up:OKC is 3-0 L3 with impressive wins against the Clippers x2 and the Mavericks. They were able to be decent on the...


During my handicapping career, I have been developing and implementing a code of ethics that sets me apart from the majority of sports handicappers:


All my play-by-play records are documented and available online. You can find on this website the records of all my current and past performances, no matter how great or poor they are.


Every result is graded against a widely available line at the time of release.


In order to assure impeccable transparency, my work is also independently monitored by some of the most well known and respected sports-monitors in the web.


Top-notch customer service: I’ll always answer back to my clients or potential ones within 24 hours. In order to contact me, please send an e-mail to [email protected]
or use the “Contact” page in the footer of the website.


My sole purpose is to constantly beat the sportbooks by taking advantage of the evaluation errors they make.

Dominating the NBA since 2006


The most important in sports handicapping is to have a method that is capable of analyzing all factors that influence a match. If the ball enters or not in the last second, I can’t control that. The rest is up to my competence.

Due to my commitment to my job, I’m always ready to find the errors committed by the sportsbooks, who make mistakes on a frequent basis.


However, knowledge on its own isn’t enough to have a sizeable profit in Sports Betting. You also need to have good money management and line value shopping systems. This is where my degree in Economics helps us tremendously.

I’m known for being a NBA specialist and that’s for a good reason: I have been able to generate great profits in nine of the ten seasons I’ve publicly handicapped.

Let’s make this trip together and beat the sportsbooks time and time again!


I use a Money Management system that is divided on two different levels:
Regular Play (4 units)
Top Play (5 units).

My recommendation is to establish a bankroll of 300 units (you select how much $$$ an unit is worth) and then, you should bet the following on each play:

Regular Play = 1.00% of the bankroll
Top Play = 1.50% to 1.67% of the bankrol


Someone with a bank where 1 unit = $100 (bankroll: 300 units x $100 = $30000)

$400 (4 units) on a Regular Play and
$500 (5 units) on a Top Play..