NBA Free Premium Pick: 567 Memphis Grizzlies @ 568 Los Angeles Clippers
Rating: 2 Units – Regular Play
Pick: 567 Memphis Grizzlies (+4.5)
Price: -110 / 1.91 on Will Hill

I expect the Grizzlies to be a real tough matchup for the Clippers in here. LAC is coming from a close loss @GSW in which, after a rough start, LAC made a huge bounce back in 2Q. They were able to come back to the game by going super small in their lineups, after being killed by GSW in traditional lineups.

That small-ball lineup: Bledsoe/Jackson + Kennard + Mann + George + Morris/Coffey.

It worked great against GSW b/c GSW couldn’t punish them down low, but this Grizzlies team won’t have any problems in doing, that as they are built to attack the rim. MEM has already a nice continuity from last season, good depth and their size edge is going to be key in this matchup.