NBA Free Pick: 531 Boston Celtics @ 532 Cleveland Cavaliers
Rating: 2 Units – Regular Play
Pick: 531 Boston Celtics (-2.5)

Price: -110 / 1.91 on Will Hill
Write Up:

This is a home-home series game, with the Cavaliers winning the first game after an incredible choke job by the Celtics.

Some considerations about that defeat:

It was a b2b spot for both teams. However, the Celtics had to play OT in the previous night against MIL, with 4 of their starters logging +40 minutes (also they had to travel to CLE), while the Cavaliers easily defeated the Pistons at home. So, the Celtics had a tougher spot going for that game. The Celtics coach also used a weird all “in bench lineup” between the 1Q / 2Q and that lineup “survived” in the first half. He did the same for the 3Q / 4Q and… that ignited the Celtics disaster (21-2 run for CLE).

Al Horford didn’t play that game and his presence would be very important to counter CLE’s rookie Evan Mobley who completely dominated the game (had game best +/- of +16).

Playing against Horford is very different than playing against Grant Williams or Jabari Parker. With Horford back (also J. Richardson is available), I expect the Celtics to be better prepared to face the Cavaliers. They can match the Celtics 2 “bigs” lineup with Horford & Williams and their better talent on the perimeter should make the difference in here.