NBA FREE Pick: 555 San Antonio Spurs @ 556 Los Angeles Clippers
Rating: 2 Units – Regular Play
Pick: 555 San Antonio Spurs (+7.5)

Price: -110 / 1.91 on Will Hill
Write Up:

I expect the Spurs to be a tough matchup for the Clippers tonight. They don’t commit TO’s (ranked #4 in TO/rate in the league), and they get back in transition extremely well (ranked #11 in vol% allowed & #1 PPP allowed). These are 2 areas in which the Clippers small ball approach excels (#7 ranked in creating TO’s & #2 vol% in transition), so the Clippers will have to score in half-court sets against the Spurs.

The absence of Jakob Poeltl for the Spurs has really hurt their defense. The Spurs are very vulnerable down low against skillful big players. Their recent big losses have all one common denominator:

Domantas Sabonis 11-15 FG, 24 pts
Myles Turner 7-10 FG, 19 pts
Kristaps Porzingis 12-22 FG, 32 pts
Anthony Davis 14-24 FG, 34 pts

The good news? The Clippers don’t have a dominant force down low that can punish the Spurs’ lack of size.

Without such mismatch going against them, I expect the Spurs to be on the game most of the time. Note that T. Mann is questionable for LAC as well, and he is one of the most important players for them.