NBA Pick #1: 559 Cleveland Cavaliers @ 560 Sacramento Kings
Rating: 2 Units – Regular Play
559 Cleveland Cavaliers (-1)
Price: -110 / 1.91 on Bookmaker
Write Up:

I understand that Fox will likely be back tonight and that with that, Sacramento’s issues on offense will probably disappear. However, I believe Cleveland will be ready for this matchup as they are coming from two games against Golden State and against Oklahoma City, two teams that use a similar style to the one used by the Kings: a fast paced basketball with plenty of ball movement. 

Sacramento’s defense is still struggling to defend close to the basket and they have always allowed +50 points in the paint to their opponents in their last four games. This will be a problem against a Cavs team that is committed to attacking the paint and has averaged 58.5 points in the paint on their last four games. Unlike last season, Cleveland is also committed to score in transition and in their 2-0 sweep against Cleveland, they killed the Warriors with 26 and 19 fast break points. Therefore, they should be equipped to run with Sacramento and now that they are healthy, I also believe that they are a better overall team than the Kings.