NBA Card:

NBA Pick #1: 531 Sacramento Kings @ 532 Orlando Magic
Rating: 4 Units – Regular Play
Pick: Over 224
Price: -110 / 1.91 on Betonline
Detailed Write Up:

Now that they have Evan Fournier back, the Magic have a solid 4-player core in Anthony, Fournier, Gordon and Vucevic in the starting lineup that can move the ball and score vs. poor defensive teams. In the L3 games, they averaged 17.6 3pts while hitting 47% & 29.0 assists per game and after a slow start against the Hornets, they completely destroyed the Hornets defense. I expect a similar offensive explosion against the bad Kings defense.

SAC is coming from a rare good defensive performance in the last game, but that was against a tired Knicks team that fell apart in 2H and shot 5-22 from behind the line.
SAC could have some edge in transition against the not so physical ORL team and with their fast pace approach, I expect them to put ORL in a fast pace script scenario today.

NBA Pick #2: 539 Los Angeles Lakers @ 540 Philadelphia 76ers
Rating: 4 Units – Regular Play
Pick: Under 222.5
Price: -108 / 1.92 on Betonline
Detailed Write Up:

The Lakers have been playing at a slow pace in the last games and I think that tonight’s contest is going to be a grind out game.

The 76ers (mostly due to Embiid factor) has been a force in the offensive glass and getting on the FT line (ranked #10 & #2). However, note that the Lakers are ranked #2 & #1 on those same areas defensively. They have in veteran Marc Gasol one of the savviest low post defensive players in the league. In one game between the Raptors and the 76ers in the past, Embiid had a scoreless game against Gasol’s team.

The 76ers and Embiid enjoyed some pretty favorable matchups vs. BOS & DET in which they just dominated in the frontcourt. That will be difficult against the Lakers tonight.

On the other end, I expect the 76ers to be focused defensively after their awful defensive performance vs. DET in the last game. They have been an elite defensive team in protecting the paint – a key factor to limit the Lakers offense. I expect Ben Simmons to defend Lebron James & Embiid to check some minutes vs. Davis, and therefore, I don’t anticipate any major offensive edge for the offenses in here.

NBA Pick #3: 547 Boston Celtics @ 548 San Antonio Spurs
Rating: 5 Units – ***TOP PLAY***
Pick: Over 223.5
Price: -110 / 1.91 on Bookmaker
Detailed Write Up:

Kemba Walker is back for tonight after missing the last game vs. CHI, and for the first time this season we are going to watch the Celtics playing with Walker, Brown and Tatum at the same time. These 3 players have been great so far every time they hit the floor, and I just can’t see this undersized Spurs defense to limit them, especially when they have only one plus defensive player on the perimeter (Murray).

I expect the Celtics to downsize their lineups in order to match up vs San Antonio, and this could be a really fast paced game. The Spurs offense are coming from b2b +120 Offensive Ratings performances vs. DAL & WAS, and my projected line for this contest = 230 points.

NBA Pick #4: 529 Detroit Pistons @ 530 Cleveland Cavaliers
Rating: 4 Units – Regular Play
Pick: Over 215
Price: -106 / 1.94 on Betonline

NBA Pick #5: 547 Boston Celtics @ 548 San Antonio Spurs
Rating: 4 Units – Regular Play
547 Boston Celtics (-4)
Price: -111 / 1.90 on Pinnacle

NBA Pick #6: 549 Dallas Mavericks @ 550 Utah Jazz
Rating: 4 Units – Regular Play
549 Dallas Mavericks (+2.5)
Price: -104 / 1.96 on Pinnacle

College Basketball Card:

CBB Pick #1: 683 Penn State @ 684 Ohio State
Rating: 5 Units – ***TOP PLAY***
Pick: 683 Penn State (+8)

Price: -110 / 1.91 on Betonline

CBB Pick #2: 699 Louisville @ 700 Clemson
Rating: 4 Units – Regular Play
Pick: 700 Clemson (-1.5)

Price: -110 / 1.91 on William Hill